Trailride rules & Park policy

Riding on the tracks of the trail park is at your own risk. No liability is accepted for accidents. You are advised to have personal insurance against injury or damage to yourself and to others. Every biker is responsible for him- or herself. The different trails contain jumps, ramps, embankments and other terrain variations. These features vary in difficulty and can change – for example due to weather conditions, usage, etc. Adjust your speed and riding style to your own skill level so that you can stop at any time or can avoid other bikers, animals or objects along the way.

This trail park was built by Wienerwald Trails. We are a nonprofit organisation representing the interests and rights of mountainbikers in the area of Wienerwald. This standalone project in Weidlingbach was realized by the community and will be supervised by it. In order to enjoy the trail park and avoid any unnecessary risks, we ask you to respect the following rules to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all users.


  • The trail park was built by the community of Wienerwald Trails. Always follow instructions by members of Wienerwald Trails.
  • It is strictly forbidden to block, damage or change anything on the trails.
  • Please report any damage on the trail with it’s position and a photo to
  • Persons under the age of 18 are only allowed to ride in company by an adult or with written agreement by parents.
  • The trails may only be used in daylight and under dry conditions. Don’t use any artificial lights.
  • Only people with the necessary physical and mental abilities may use the trails. Persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs are not allowed to use the trails.
  • For safety, weather, or construction reasons, the total trail or individual stretches may be closed or have restricted use.
  • In case of an accident, everyone is obliged to give aid, and it is strongly recommended to carry a mobile phone. Everyone, whether observer or participant, whether responsible or not, should – in the case of an accident – call the emergency number 144 and give their ID and position according to the sector codes. The trails are divided into sectors A to C.


  • Bikes should be suitably equipped for the conditions of the trail park and must always be in a safe working condition.
  • Always wear a helmet! We strongly recommend using a full face helmet and body armour in addition to full-finger gloves and knee, shin and elbow armour to provide an increased level of protection.
  • Ride only on the prepared trails. It is forbidden to ride off trail. To reach the start point use the signed forest trails, or push the bicycle along the footpath.
  • Adjust your speed and riding style to your own skill level so that you can stop at any time or can avoid other bikers, animals or objects along the way.
  • Be considerate to other forest users and animals at all times.
  • Do not stop in places where you block the trail or where you cannot be seen by riders above you.
  • Adjust your riding style and speed so that you do not hustle or endanger a slower rider. When re-entering a trail look above to ensure no-one is approaching.


Please check for the trail condition and take note of warning signs along the trail.


Ride on!

Wienerwald Trails

Vienna, August 2016